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  • Levi He's always so happy to come here!
  • Keisha We ask her if she wants to go see 'Auntie Ann', and she gets all excited.
  • Odie As soon as we turn off the highway, he's trying to get out of the truck.
  • Zippy When we turn in here, he just goes crazy.
  • Teeka It's so reassuring that she doesn't even seem anxious to leave here.
  • Muddy We call this place his 'farm vacation'.
  • Toby Tucker It's embarrassing that they will leave home on their own and come back here.
  • Willis No wonder you're always so happy and well: every day you're surrounded by your best friends!
  • Dawson Takla Thanks again, Ann, for your pet hospitality! Dawson and Takla had a great visit last weekend.
  • Onus Blanca We just hate leaving them at a kennel, but saw no evidence of emotional trauma or stress when we picked them up.
  • Otis & Charlie We're always glad when we know we're coming this way and can leave the dogs HERE.
  • Shadow What do you do with them that they don't even care about going home?
  • Mr. Lewis We never worry!
  • Spike It's actually a bit insulting how eager my dog is to get out of the car when he realises we're leaving him with Ann!